Develop Applications for Android with Eclipse

Do you know, that it is still possible to develop applications for Android using Eclipse IDE? Here you can find a short tutorial, how to install the sdk and how to setup the environment:

Android SDK and Eclipse IDE integration steps

  1. If you use obsolete ADT Bundle you cannot debug applications for mobile phones with Android 7.0+. But there is a solution: you only need fixed ADT which you can found here: . In Eclipse editor, just use Help-> Install new software -> Add -> Archive and locate zip file.
  2. As a SDK, you can use still available to download under this url:
  3. You have to unpack the sdk and indicate the folder in Window / Preferences / Android / SDK Location
  4. Please install build tools 25.0.2 in SDK Manager and uninstall newest version, because it does not contain dx.jar file.
  5. Do not forget to restart Eclipse and clean and build project.
  6. If you use graphic editor for xml layout files you can set target to lower version, otherwise it cannot render the gui.