Mem Fruits

Pair matching game

How good is your memory and concentration? Well, Mem Fruits is free, match up pair game for all ages. For instance, you can play alone or with your children. Therefore, train your brain, improve concentration and your memory!

Mem Fruits
Mem Fruits – improve your memory and concentration with our pair match game
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How to play?

Firstly, rules are simple: find a pair of identical animated fruits cards and beat your score (time) records. You must store in your memory position of each card, because if you manage to do this, you will earn more points.

Secondly, the faster you find the card pairs, the more points you earn. Of course, you can compare your score with other players. To do this, just press share button in the game, enter your nickname and compare the score.

Finally, for your convenience, we have turned off the sound by default – you can safely play our game during a boring lecture or meeting. We hope, you will like this game and you will improve your memory. In addition, do not forget, that our game is free for everyone.

Special features

We think, our game is really really fun. First of all, we have spent a lot of time to prepare sound effects. Therefore do not forget to turn on the sound. Secondly, graphics distinguishes our game from other this kind of games (as you will notice, each image appearing in the game is animated). We have focused on fruits: orange, banana, apple are waiting for you and your kids! Thirdly, and most importantly, Mem Fruits contains special, easy mode, for young kids!