Data + Guard

Do you have a poor memory …? Do you ever forget the password to your e-mail? We have the perfect solution for you: DATA GUARD … It is the program that will take care of you and will remember all passwords for you… It will be your trusted assistant…

DataGuard allows you to securely store your personal data (pins, contacts, notes, passwords) on your mobile phone. All data are encrypted and access to the application is secured by a single password. In case of changing the phone you can easily transfer your data to the new phone.


  • 7 different categories and unlimited number of subcategories,
  • all data are encrypted,
  • build-in Password generator,
  • auto logout closes the application after 5 minutes of inactivity,
  • possibility to search items containing a selected phrase,
  • import data function (in case of changing the mobile phone).

To see functionality of the application watch Promo Movie or User Guide Movie.

Android app on Google Play

How to move data from LITE to FULL version…

if you have DataGuard in version 2.00 or newer please read this illustrated guide [en], illustrated guide [fr], illustrated guide [pl].

The data stored in the Data Guard can be saved to the phone memory (the root directory you can see after connecting the phone to the PC). The file name is: dataguard.tsp. To do this, press menu button in the application (key or on screen key), select Backup Data and “save to external storage”. The file will be saved to the phone external memory.

To import data in the Full version (or lite – it does not matter – you can move your data for example to the new device). Run DataGuard and on the “Create password” screen press menu and select “Import data”, you will be asked for the password and your data will be imported.

If you create password in Full version, you have to remove all data to import data from the backup file. To do this, go to Settings ang check “‘Erase data’ option on the login screen” option. This will show the option on the login screen to erase all data, after that you will be able to import data on the “Create password” screen.

Alternatively you can remove all data of the full version, using Android Settings (in the system not in the application), Manage Applications, choose Data Guard and select Clear Data. Run Data Guard again and you can import data on the “Create password” screen.