Gold & Trains – puzzle and strategy

Gold & Trains is a combination of puzzle and simple strategy game for all ages. First of all, if you like trains and plumber style games – this game is for you.  We introduced different game modes. Of course, some of them are very easy, another are dedicated to professional players.

Gold & Trains - puzzle & strategy
Gold & Trains – puzzle & strategy
Game modes in Gold & Trains

Just for Fun is a plumber style game, because you have to rotate the track tiles by clicking on them to connect all cities’ stations. In addition, in higher levels you will have to also place additional track tiles to the board to solve the puzzle: create path between each station and destination station for each train.

Think and Play is another mode, just drag, drop and rotate track tiles to create paths for the trains. As you know, each train has its destination city. If you  lock a path to a city (just tap on the padlock), a train will travel through it and unlock tiles needed to connect further stations. Moreover, some cities may have extra addons, which can be needed to solve the level.

Gold Challenge – it is the real strategy game, build tracks and transport goods.  Opposite to previous modes, you can build your own trains with wagons to transport goods between stations. Like in real trade game, some of the cities need certain goods while others produce them.

For whom is this game?

First of all, this game is dedicated to everyone: from young children (they really like to watch how trains run along the thracks) to old men. Moreover it has 3 different game modes, hence everyone will find his best mode.

Try it now

You can download it here and remember, our game is free, without micropayments. Good luck, have fun! Of course, try also our other games, especially Splash’n’Boom.

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