Boom Balloons – balloon splash puzzle game

(Not only) kid balloon game

Boom Balloons is a set of 3 match (splash and pop) style games for all ages. We introduced different game modes, some of them are very easy, compared to modes dedicated to professional players.

Boom Balloons - pop a ballon, a set of balloon games, match 3 in a line
Boom Balloons – pop and splash a ballon, a set of balloon games

Boom Balloons – pop and splash all, download for free

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Game modes

Classic mode – match 3 balloon game without in-app purchases

Classic mode – tap and slide the adjacent balloons to form and splash groups of 3 or more balloons of the same color in a row or in a column.  Moreover, you can also get special bonus if you match four or more items.

Paris mode – jewel style game board

Paris mode – here you have to mark paths of neighboring baloons in the same color. Similarly to the previous mode, if you splash at least 7 items you can get one of the extra bonuses. In addition, you should remember, the more you mark, the higher the score.

Rome mode – find biggest number of balloons

Rome mode – this is mode is easy, just pop groups of neighboring balloons of the same color. Furthermore, to earn more point you should be fast and try to pop bigger groups of elements. If you find at least eight of them you obtain one of the extra bonuses. And remember, don’t try to cheat – if you make a mistake you will lose some time.

Sydney mode – match game without timer

Sydney mode – mark paths of at least three neighboring balloons in the same color and to win you must remove ALL items.

Egypt mode – for kids to play

Egypt mode (balloon pop) – This is the easiest mode and can be played by kids or even by babies. Of course not only, but it has the simplest rules.  You have to remove from board as many as possible balloons in the same color. Each next item in the same color give you more points.

Puzzle mode – puzzle game for adults and kids

Puzzle mode – Finally the last but not least mode. Just splash all balloons and to do this, you should splash 2 or more in a line.

Boom Balloons – pop and splash all balloons, only for mobile phones with Android

For whom is Boom Balloons?

First of all, this game is dedicated to everyone: from young children to old men. Moreover it has 6 different game modes, hence everyone will find his favorite game.

Try it now –  it is free game to play

You can download it here and remember, our game is free, without micropayments. Good luck, have fun! Of course, try also our other games, especially Splash’n’Boom. If you have young child, allow him or her to play Egypt mode because it is very easy and it will help your baby in color recognition. Moreover the playtime is very short, so it should be not a problem to force your child to stop using mobile device.

Boom Balloons – pop all balloons, ideal game for bored kids and adults