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Remember, the aim of the game is to earn as many points as possible. First levels are quite easy, but always compare your score with the best world score! Good luck, have fun!

How to receive and use coins?

For each hour of playing you will receive 1 coin. Moreover each day you will receive additional 1 coin. If you play day after day you will receive additional 2 coins!

You can spend coins to remove elements from the queue. To do this long tap an element in the queque (in Special, Classic or Slider mode) for more than 500ms, the tapped element will disapear. It costs 1 coin!.

Do you want to earn more points in Levels? Tips:

    • use as few elements as possible, but…


      Use as few elements as possible
      Use as few elements as possible
    • join female element with male element: you will score extra +1


      How to score more points in New Elements Levels?
      How to score more points in New Elements Levels?
    • press random button to start level again (to get better order of elements at the start)


      Restart Button
      Restart Button

Best scores

Best scores for each level are stored on our server. Have a look on the screenshot.

"Select level" screen of New Elements game
“Select level” screen of Splash’n’Boom game

Progress bar above the levels shows your sum of points from each levels you played. This value is compared with the sum of best world scores for these levels.

Progress bars on Level buttons show how many points you can earn compared to the best world score. For example, if you wish to earn extra points very fast you should play level 7, because difference between world and your score is 11. All other progress bars are scaled to this maximum difference – in all other cases difference is less then 11 points.

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