Flowers and Ladybug

Why Flowers and Ladybug?

Flowers and Ladybug is a set of 8 puzzle games. To tell the truth, this game is usually chosen by women, but of course men also can play it. Moreover, we think, that the biggest advantage of this game is online highscore, where players can compare their results.

Flowers and Ladybug - match 3 style game
Flowers and Ladybug – match 3 style game
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Our game has several game modes, that is why you really should try each of them and choose the one, you like the best.

Flower and ladybug game modes

  • Classic – drop flowers to join 3 or more of the same flowers in a line. In Levels and Levels 2 mode use as little flowers as possible to earn more points. If you drop flower of the opposite sex in the neighbourhood of the flower of the some colour you will earn extra point. You can compare your score with the best world score. Flowers are generated randomly so to earn more points you must be smart and lucky!
  • Slider – this game mode is very similar to the Classic (Levels) mode. Rules are the same but additionally you can swap location of the neighbour flowers.
  • Marker – just mark as many flowers of the same colour as possible. To mark flowers they must be in neighbourhood.
  • Pop only – find 3 or more flowers of the same color adjacent vertically or horizontally
  • Pair match – find pairs of the identical flowers
  • Match 3 – as name suggest is the classic match 3 game. Tap and slide the adjacent flowers to form groups of 3 or more them in a row or in a column.
  • 15-puzzle – A sliding style puzzle game, your aim is to place the tiles in ascending order
  • Four in a line – A classic strategy board game, played on a 7×6 board. Players take turns dropping their creatures into the grid. The elements fall down, occupying the next available space within the column. The first player who achieve four elements vertically, horizontally or diagonally wins.