How to promote mobile games and increase their visibility?

Symptoms of low visibility

There is a lot of applications which has been downloaded thousands of times. On the other hand most of mobile games has less than 100 downloads – their visibility in application store is really very low. In my opinion, it is very hard to create a mobile game, which will attract players and promote itself. Moreover, we have observed, that a lot of our fans are ashamed that they play mobile games!

Diagnosis – take care of ratings

Good game has good ratings. You must understand, that good game has an average rate greater than 4.0. It means, that developers are intrested in getting only 5 stars rating, otherwise the average decreases. Furthermore, you cannot get rid of very low ratings, because some people just do it. They usually do not comment, just give one star. First of all, responding for such opinions is a vaste of time, we have never got a response what was wrong. We suppose, that some of such opinions come from companies that offer paid promotion.


First of all, usually we are fighting for five stars instead of four. As a result we always respond to opinions, when the rating is below 5 stars. Hence, you have to read the opinions of other players. As a result, for example, we added to one of our games, Splash ‘n’ Boom, movies showing how to play each game mode. Thanks to this, we reduced the number of opinions like we do not know, how to play this game. Maybe you know, but remember: people do not read user guides! Another tip for you: add several game modes. Thanks to this you will attract people with different abilities and different ages. That is why we added Egypt mode in our game Boom Balloons which significantly increased its popularity and visibility.

Prohibited activities

Another very important thing are advertisements. Remember, do not show them too ofter, otherwise they will irritate your users and you will earn a lot of low ratings. In addition do not insult users. People usually have their families and you will get a lot of ratings…

Mem Fruits – pair match game

Mem Fruits - pair match game
Mem Fruits – pair match game

Would you like to play game which improve your memory, concentration and the ability of your brain? First of all, this puzzle game is dedicated not only for kids, but also for adults. This is a classic pair match game, so the aim of the game is to find pairs and match the same fruits on the cards. Moreover, you can publish your scores online and compare them with other players.

Detailed rules

The final score depends on the time which you spent in thinking. Moreover, you will earn more score points, if you reduce the number of card views. So it is much better to remember position of each cards instead of continuous checking them.

Why to play our game?

Our game is different from other this kind of games: first of all each image appearing in the game is animated. Also sound effects are awsome, we really encourage you to turn on the sound. Moreover, our game contains different game modes. For example there is a special mode dedicated for kids, which is much simpler then the rest modes. Please just try it and you will enjoy it, especially it is really free!

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How to check the quality of LED bulbs with your mobile phone?

Led bulbs are very popular replacement for traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs. Moreover, they are commonly use in home or in automotive solutions. LEDs are powered by the constant current. So, if they are directly dedicated to AC voltage, they require dedicated power supply unit (AC/DC converter).

LED bulb of good quality
LED bulb of good quality

LED bulb of poor quality
LED bulb of poor quality

How to check the quality of LED bulbs using your mobile phone?

First of all turn on the bulb. To check the quality of LED bulbs, turn on the camera in the phone and move it close the bulb for a few centimeters. If we see stipes passing on the screen (see photo), it means that this the cheapest possible power supply system and, as a result, voltage supplying the LEDs is not constant voltage. Such a bulb blinks at a frequency equal to twice the network frequency (100Hz) and can be harmful to our eyes. In conclusion, good quality device should not blink!